"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well"


- Hippocrates

"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well"


- Hippocrates

Books for a new cancer diagnosis

books cancer holistic health Jan 10, 2023
Last week I was chatting to a friend of mine who shared that her sister in law had been diagnosed with colon cancer. When she asked what book I would recommend for her as a cancer coach + thriver I couldn’t choose!

How would I pick one book? not just because I have, at last count, 52 oncology related books 🙈but because approaching cancer depends on WHO you’re dealing with, the type of cancer they have, what they might be open to reading + honestly… if they even want to read around the subject.

I put together a pile that I think is pretty well rounded + this is probably what I would say to someone to read if they’re navigating a diagnosis or in the middle or a natural programme OR conventional treatment.

If you’re a #cancerthriver or #cancersupporter let me know if you want extra reads 👍

In no particular order:

🌸feelings buried alive never die - it has always been clear to me WHY I developed cancer and which emotional event + suppressed emotions it was tied to. I used the script in this book daily at the end of my meditation for 90 days to reprogrammed some of my beliefs.

🌸the Gerson therapy - Dr Gerson is one of the OG’s in my opinion and he helps you to understand why juicing + coffee enemas can be so successful in cancer treatment, along with common imbalances he saw. I base my protocol on this book + although I think he would change some recommendations NOW as life is so different, it’s a great starting point.

🌸radical hope is one of two books my dr Kelly turner and they are both inspiring and uplifting, sharing stories of those who have survived serious diagnoses to tell their tales. If you know someone who may be afraid and a little shell shocked, this is a beautiful read to get hopes up

🌸how to starve cancer - is a science bombshell, showing us how we can starve cancer by using off label drugs to block growth pathways. I do not use this myself as I have chosen not to use any pharmaceuticals (but would do this if necessary later) but have used it with a prostrate cancer client who is currently stable

🌸the endocannaboid system and cannabis - this is a gem if you want to consider using CBD and 🍀oil (i do). I can recommend another specific cancer 🍀 oil book if necessary, but this book gives you a science based look at why it works so well for many health issues + is safe and effective.

🌸the biology of belief - written by Dr Bruce Lipton an epigenetics pioneer (constantly fangirling 🙈)who shows us how to blend spirituality with science, and teaches us that our thoughts have the ability to change what happens in our body and our DNA. It completely blows away the fear based agenda that tells us that we have no control, and shows us that we have FULL control.

Ok. Phew! Let me know if you try any of these or if you’re also a fan?

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